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Find, match and describe pairs of opposites. Learning goals
- Expressing differences and similarities
- Cooperating and sharing
- Asserting ideas and words

-20 pairs of playing cards
-1 red card

How to play

Memory game:
Shuffle the cards and arrange face down. Players try to collect pairs of playing cards which are the same or opposites of each other. The one with the most pairs wins. The players with the red card now have to show, through words or actions, how one of their sets are opposites. This part of the game is endlessly fun and creative.

Neighbor game:
The cards are shuffled and divided up to players. Players separate out any initial matched sets and set them aside. The remaining cards are all shown to one another.
The red card holder starts the game by letting his neighbor take one his cards. Everyone takes turns collecting a card from their neighbor to make pairs which are set aside. When only the red card remains, the player with the most matches wins the game. The player left holding the red card has to tell or show why one of their pairs are opposites.


Age: 4+ Years

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