Nenu Baby Spoon - 2 Pack

  • $ 13.50

Nenu Spoon is designed to help minimize mess during mealtime. The legs help prop up the spoon away from your tabletop so that food stays in the spoon and not on the floor. Unlike your ordinary spoon, Nenu Spoon's patent pending scoop is designed to maximize the amount of food in your child's tummy instead of staying behind inside the scoop. Most spoons on the market are designed for the ease of parents to use rather than optimizing the design for the kids. They are long and difficult for the kids to use. Nenu Spoon has a handle size that mimics a size of their finger so it's familiar and easy to grasp.
  • Not your Ordinary baby spoon! *** 100% MADE IN THE USA!
  • A Place to Rest: THe little legs can be hooked on edges of plates and bowls.
  • Familiar: The handle is designed to mimic an adult finger. This way it's easier and familiar for babies to grasp.
  • That Makes Sense: Little legs prop up spoon to stabalize it from rolling around and causing a mess.
  • FDA rated, Medical grade material - FREE OF Phthalate, Latex, Vinyl, BPA ***Tested and Certified to comply with US Consumer Product Safety Commission