The Doodle Duvet - Twin

  • $ 64.00

Bedtimes can be really special times with kids, and with the doodle duvet cover, they can be really creative times too. It’s that old quality-time thing isn’t it? Doodling bed-time stories together, practicing writing names, drawing friendly monsters – they all create precious memories. And because it all washes out, no one grows out of it.

That’s why the doodle duvet cover has won awards.

Made from 100% Turkish cotton, it’s button fastened, printed to look like a giant sheet of file paper, and comes with a set of 10 double-ended doodle wash-out pens.

Perfect for:

  • Getting kids to look forward to bed-time
  • spending creative family time together
  • customising kids’ and teenagers’ bedrooms
  • sleepovers, holidays and camping
  • memorable, creative and personalised birthday gifts
  • get-well presents



Product size:  173x218in/68x86in
Fabric:  100% Cotton
Pack weight:  950gm
Care:  wash warm/40°, dry naturally