• Garden Pack Wean Tubs

Garden Pack Wean Tubs

$ 28.00

Storing, freezing and serving food from Wean Tubs ensures that your food is not being contaminated with unwanted chemicals including BPA, PVC and Phaltates. Wean Green's glass in nonporous and impermeable keeping your food as fresh as the day you made it.
Specifications: * Simply unlock and remove lid before microwave use.
* Safe for reheating at temperatures below 250 degrees.
* Scratch, stain, and odor resistant glass.
* Water tight lid with integrated silicone seal.
* Airtight lid seals in freshness.
* Easy to open and close snap lock lid.
* Dishwasher safe.
* Freezer safe.
* Microwave safe without lid.
* Width 2", Height 2.5", Length 3.25".
* Holds 150 ml/5 oz
* Each 4 pack contains one blue, one green, one orange, and one pink cube.

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