• Playbook Farm

Playbook Farm

$ 20.00

Explore all the animals of the farm with this tactile playbook!

Bright and colorful, with a removable reflective mirror foil that grabs attention and stimulates vision.

Meet a smiling cow, with a fleecy body and different patterned hooves. Feel the soft tail of a lamb and velvety rabbit ears. The smooth pig's snout, the horses hooves, the duck's beak all have textures that invite baby to grasp, tug and explore. Crinkle pages make baby listen even more.

Read together and learn all about farm animals - what they look like, the noises the make. Discover bright colors, lively patterns and interesting textures on every page!

Playbook Farm
Textured book showcasing farm animals
Stimulate sensory awareness, first learning
Reflective mirror foil, bright colors and patterns develop vision
Crinkling and thick cushioned pages
Soft and small for baby to grasp and hold
Sweet animal graphics
Animals include: cow, horse, pig, chicken, duck, sheep, rabbit
Sewn with lovely attention to detail
Approximately 4 inches square

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