• Playbook Nature

Playbook Nature

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A little book of wonder. Pages full of excitement and discovery.

From the minute little hands touch this book they'll start exploring. The cushy, rattling ball is impossible to miss. Textures burst off the pages in 3-D wings and tails. Vibrant colors appeal to the visual learner. Flipping pages and feeling fabrics captivate the kinesthetic and tactual child.

The textures and the colors of this little book are so fabulous. Just beautiful. The images of this book aren't even close to the real thing. Trust us, we get to see it in person. Rich, saturated colors, the softest furry cover, ribbed curdoroy, brilliant raised embroidery, silky velvet, lush chenille. Every touch begs another!

Many curious critters with smiling faces are inside - Caterpillar, Snail, Bee, Butterfly, Hedgehog, and Squirrel with his fuzzy tail. Learn their names and sounds! Count their feet and feel their skin. It's early learning with colorful, imaginative flair!

Fine motor skills, sensory awareness, and cognitive development put little minds to work. Stir curiosity with this delightful little book!

PlayBook Nature
A soft and adorable touch-and-feel baby book
Improves fine motor skills, sensory awareness, cognitive development
Textures galore - fabulous fabrics to feel and stroke
Small in size for baby hands
Vivid colors and pictures
Includes detachable, colorful ball rattle
Velcro-like strap attaches book to stroller, car seat or crib
Lovely, durable construction

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