Secret Service

$ 220.00

There are few surprises in life as exciting as learning the gender of your baby during the birth. It can be hard to prepare though, if you want a specific color scheme for your nursery or want to purchase gender specific items. With our Secret Service, you can have both!

Simply authorize your OB-GYN to contact us and share your baby’s gender. And just like that, your secret is safe with us.

You select gender specific items (for both boy and girl) and we take care of the rest. From designing two different nurseries, to setting up two registries and purchasing them “blindly” on your behalf. We hold/store the items for you and deliver them while you are at the hospital. By the time you come home, your nursery is set up and you have everything you need waiting for you.

Price: $200 (must book a Nursery Design Service and Personal Shopping Service)