Fatboy Transloetje Table Lamp

$ 119.00

Do you recognize this stylish petit lamp? If so, you could be experiencing déjà vu! We’ve stripped down Fatboy Edison the Petit to give you Fatboy Transloetje. What’s in the name? We wanted to create a TRANSparent version of Edison the Petit. Luce means ‘light’ in Italian and when you translate it phonetically to Dutch, you will get the name ‘Loetje.’ It is as simple as that

This transparent, petit lamp is super mobile. It is intended for indoor use, but can be used outdoors without the charger. We recommend you protect it from water and store inside after use outdoors. All you have to do is use the touch-sensitive light switch in the foot, and Transloetje will light up immediately. Minimal effort for maximum light! It comes with 3 different shades of energy-saving LED light at the touch of your fingers. A fully charged Transloetje remains lit for up to 8 hours on the highest setting. It is wireless and rechargeable. It also comes with a battery, charger and an old-fashioned light bulb! Measures 10 inches by 6 inches.