• Adamari López te enseña a escoger el asiento correcto | Un Nuevo Día | Telemundo

    Posted: Jan 21 2017

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  • Aprende a preparar recordatorios para fiestas como los de Alaïa | Un Nuevo Día | Telemundo

    Posted: Jan 21 2017

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  • Pinta mi Cuna means paint my crib! ~ Alissa Alfono

    Posted: Aug 26 2016

    Pinta Mi Cuna means paint my crib!

    When the peeps from Give Wink, the super hip baby & kid everything store in Aventura Fl contacted me about recreating this baby cot, I was hooked!   The baby cot is a highly designed travel cot, it was super easy to assemble, and this is coming from a mom who has not had to deal with baby gear in a longgggg time.  The baby cot company is Babyhome, and it is a group of creative peeps who are Mom’s & Dad’s who I want to hang out with!  On the “Concept” area of their website it says on the very bottom of the page… “But above all we value happiness, friendship and freedom, values that we apply in everything we do. :)”  cool.. so cool!

    So what is Pinta Mi Cuna??   It is very simple – 20 portable cradles were distributed among local and acclaimed artists. I have approx. 7 weeks  to “recreate the crib” according to my vision/style.  The cradles will then be exhibited and auctioned in an effort to raise funds for TECHO during Art Basel week 2016.  TECHO is a youth led non-profit organization present in Latin America & the Caribbean. Through the joint work of families living in extreme poverty with youth volunteers, TECHO seeks to overcome poverty in slums.  The goal is to raise funds in order to build two transitional houses for families living in poverty.  I will be posting as I’m creating my functional art cot.  Feeling honored to be part of this collaboration….A


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  • Dream Hut

    Posted: May 20 2015

    Thanks to all of you who attended yesterday's launch of Yuhuhugs' Dream Hut. We are excited about our partnership with them and proud to be one of the first stores in the US to showcase it.

    The Dream Hut is an innovative and interactive indoor playhouse that easily converts into an armoire or desk.  DreamHut’s unique design offers a fun play space where children can explore the limits of their imagination. As a multifunction piece, the DreamHut can be used not only for play, but also as an armoire, desk, or storage unit. Made with nothing but the finest, environmentally sustainable materials, the DreamHut is a beautiful piece of furniture at home in the living room, bedroom or playroom.

    The Dream Hut easily expands outward, revealing a playroom with the chalkboard, magnetic walls, a folding table, windows, curtains and an interchangeable backdrop with four different Dreams or backdrops: Submarine, Castle, Countryside and Outer Space.  It also features a designated shelf to hold a tablet, where children can download any of our four educational interactive multimedia adventures: Seas of Mystery, King and Castle, Farm Frenzy and Operation Pluto.  When playtime is over, the DreamHut can be easily transformed into a cabinet or desktop and can serve as a storage place for toys.


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