Diaper Pak - Give Wink
Diaper Pak - Give Wink
Diaper Pak - Give Wink
Diaper Pak - Give Wink
Diaper Pak - Give Wink
Diaper Pak - Give Wink

Diaper Pak

Diaper Pak

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  • Description

    Diaper Pak - Ideal for new parents. The 9 piece kit has everything you might need while on the go with a baby. 
    • A pouch for a bottle (that straps to anything be it a stroller handle or your purse).
    • A Paci pouch - it's the cutest teeny backpack and perfect for holding a few pacis and even keeping the dirty ones far from the clean ones. 
    • A medicine (or first aid) pouch - creams, bandages, anti colic medicine...anything)
    • A mommy pouch - for those that forego the purse when out with baby bust still want to carry the essentials - your keys, glasses, wallet, phone and makeup all in one easy to find pouch
    • Snack Pouch -think breast milk bags, formula containers, bottles, snacks, cutlery, bibs and food containers.
    • Laundry Pouch - because spit happens - keep dirty clothes separate and ready for washing.
    • Diaper Pouch - because you can never have too many diapers and wipes
    • Clothes Pouch - keep extra clothes on hand for whatever adventure awaits.
    • Extra pouch - in case you decide there is still something left to take along
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